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Amazing Balangiri

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Balangiri District In Brief

Population : 337000(2001 census)
Sex Ratio : 984 female in 1000 male
Literacy : 39.41% (2001 census)
Area : 6575 km²
Subdivision : 03
Tahasil : 06
Blocks : 14
G Panchayat : 285
Town : 04
Muncipality : 01
NAC : 03
village : 1794
Temperature : 46.1 degree (max), 3.1degree(min)
Rainfall : 1134.8 mm (average)
Languages spoken : Oriya, Hindi and English .
Clothing : Light cotton in summer and heavy woolen in winter.

Balangiri .

Balangir District is also called Bolangir District in the western part of Orissa . The town of Balangir is the district headquarters. The composition of the land is predominantly rural.The district has three revenue sub-divisions, namely, Balangir, Titilagarh and Patanagarh. Sonepur, which was previously a sub-division of Balangir has become a district now.

History : The district of Balangir is named after the headquarters towns of Balangir. This town was also the headquarters of the feudatory state of Patna since the 1880s. Balaram Deo, the brother of Narasimha Deo, the 12th Raja of Patna, established Balangir. It is said that the town being founded by Balaram Deo was named after him as Balaramgarh, from which the present name Balangir has been derived. The district of Balangir is flanked in the northwest by the Gandhamardan hill. Many hill streams traverse it. It is the land of Tantrik culture.

Balangir is famous for its natural beauty and the tribals. Excellent scenic spot Harishankar is one of them. It is situated about 80 km distance from Balangir town . There is an ordinance factory near a small town named Saintala. Titlagarh is a subdivision in the district where the second highest temperature in India was recorded. The important archaeological and tourist sites are Ranipur-Jharial, Ghodar-Sihini, Titilagarh, Saintala, Sindhekela (worship of Shakti in the primitive form of a stone Yoni), Sauntpur, Patanagarh, Surda, and Harishankar.


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