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Beaches of Orissa ..... definitely distinct .


Orissa has a glorious past, rich tapestry of history and a vibrant tradition , rich culture . It has also such beaches where the waves speak volumes. Like the bracing and invigorating climate of Orissa , its beaches too add a slice of serenity in environs. One can spend hours at the beaches of Orissa with soaking in the sun, surfing in the lovely blue waters.

There are several beautiful beaches in Orissa , where a tourist can spend hours all alone or with the family and friends. Beaches like Puri beach, Konark beach, Gopalpur on sea , Chandipur beach, Beleswar beach , Balighai beach and Paradeep beach are the really place of attraction. So if you are coming right to Orissa , then plan for hours to spend at several beaches. We are sure you will like and enjoy it.

Lingaraj temple(11th century AD).

Built in 11th century AD , the Lingaraj temple, presently at state capital Bhubaneswar , is considered as the epitome of Orissa architecture. More than two generations effort and about a century of time spents over to complete this amazing sculpture.Started by king Jajati keshari this was completed by king Lalatendu keshari. Here this scluptures show various aspects of contemporary life and it is really remarkable for the maturity of form and excellence of expression. Touring Orissa , excluiding this great sclptures, implies the tour is incomplete.

Puri Beach.


For centuries and more Puri beach has been the venue of holy dip for countless pilgrims through out the world. Because Puri is the abode of Lord Jagannath and it is considered as one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage destination. Like famous temple of lord Jagannath, here also beautiful beaches which has unique attractions incredible. However, for decades now, both Indian and foreign beach lovers have made it their special haunt in this places . The white sands of Puri beach and the sweet roar of the Bay of Bengal have fascinated visitors throughout the years .

Here congregation is high, but overcrowding is never a problem . The sight of holiday-makers having entire stretches of the beach to themselves is not uncommon. Here with the help of local fishermen, tourists really get the exciting feelings of sea bath. These fishermen not only provide you the taste of a ride on boats ; but also act as lifeguards . Overall kms of stretching sandy beaches, deep blue water and roar of the sea made this place amazingly attractive. Onething we have to add here is that , as this excellent beach facing hotels and guest houses, the Puri beach turned into an ideal holiday spot .

By road Puri is about 60km from state capital Bhubaneswar and about 35km from Konark on the Marine Drive. From Calcutta, New Delhi, Tirupati and Ahmedabad direct train contact to reach Puri is available . There is excellent accommodation and eating facilities for the tourists.

Konark Beach .

Konark Beach is considered as one of the finest beach . It is also widely known as beach of Chandrabhaga.At a distances of about 32-km from Puri on Marine Drive and about 3 kms away from the famous Sun temple along the Puri road here sun rise at this beach is a feast for the eyes and an ideal spot for sun-bathing. It is a nice and quiet beach to spend few days. With a long stretch of clean sands and a lovely serenity of its own, this beach is considered as one of the best in the eastern coast of India .

Gopalpur On Sea.


Located about 16 kms from Berhampur , this beach Gopal pur on sea ,on the Bay of Bengal, is one of the most pristine beaches of Orissa . This quiet beach is also a splendid retreat for sea worshippers. Once a humming seaport, this Gopalpur on sea offers its visitors a slice of serenity in environs . A visitors can see the crumbling walls and pillars of the jetty which witness to its past glory of commercial activity. The pleasures of the blue beach and the blue bay with her backwaters here continue to lure . Gopalpur on sea is also a surfers delight and is very very excellent for sailing too.

This place is good for both sailing and surfing. Being a popular beach resort of Orissa, here the deep and clear blue waters instantly provoke those who are good swimmers.This is a perfect beach, fairly isolated, and undisturbed by day-trippers.White surf splashing on the golden sands makes Gopalpur-on-Sea as one of the finest beaches on the eastern coast of India .

Chandipur Beach.

Not only peaceful, beauy in nature. This is the uniqueness of Chandipur beach . This is really a peaceful sea side resort where the sea recedes and proceeds at along distances everyday. Chandipur is 16 km away from Balasore. Other places of tourist interest around Balasore are Remuna, Panchalingeswar, Aradi and Chandaneswar. Here a tourist can reach by air, rail and by road. The Nearest airports are Calcutta, i.e.206 kms and Bhubaneswar i.e. 294 kms . The nearest Railway station is Balasore i.e. 16 km. This Chandipur is 16 kms away from Balasore by road . Balasore is well connected with all major cities by road.

Beleswar Beach .


Beleswar, which is located 15 km from Puri, has an interesting beach where several fun filled hours can be spent. Here a visitor can spends a couple of hours without tiring. Quite atmosphere , fascinating sea-shore and humming sweet sounds of sea has tremendous attractive factor for tourists here.

Balighai Beach.

The Balighai beach , located 8 km from Puri, is a famous picnic spot for all . The gentle casuarina-lined river with crashing, desolate ocean coast is a strange and extremely beautiful.One may also catch a glimpse of the shy Baliharina deer who are inhabitant of this area. Here also is located the sea turtle research Centre which is another attraction of this beach.

Paradeep Beach.


Paradeep which is an estuary of the Mahanadi has evergreen forests, with islands and creeks . It is also a good marine drive and beach. This is a major commercial seaport of the country. It is just 94 kms. from Cuttack and 125 kms. from Bhubaneswar. A major port of Orissa, Paradeep also boasts of a fine beach where visitors can spend hours .

This place is well connected by road . Here the nearest airport is Bhubaneswar, 125 kms. away. NH- 5A links Paradeep to the 3 major tourist places of Udayagiri, Lalitagiri and Ratnagiri, all within a 100 kms. radius. The drive along this coastal belt is fascinating.


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