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Amazing Cuttack

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Visitors Information

Altitude : 14.62 meters above sea level.
Rainfall : 144.39 centimeters.
Climate : Hot,dry and cold.
Temperatue : 22.2 degree(Min) 33.4 degree(Max) .
Languages Spoken : Oriya, Hindi and English .
Clothing : Light cotton in summer and heavy woolen in winter .
Dish : Indian,chinese and continental .
Best time to visit : September to february of every year.

City of thousand year- Cuttack .

It has several identity. City of fort... City of thousand year .... City of art and culture and City of brotherhood. World hero Netaji Subhas is the son of this soil. This all images has made city cuttack an unique identification. It is also the former capital and one of the oldest cities of Orissa , here is the administrative headquarters of the district. The town is situated at the apex of the delta formed by the rivers Mahanadi in the North and Kathajodi in the South. It serves as a convenient base for touring the various places of interest in the district.This densely populated city is spread over an area of 59.57 square kilometres.

History memorises briefly .

Cuttack was founded by King Nrupa Keshari in 989 A.D. But in the year of 1006 A.D. on the left bank of the Kathajodi King Marakata Keshari built the stone revetment to protect the city from the ravages of floods. Due to its strategic location, King Anangabhima Dev III shifted his capital from 'Choudwar Kataka' to the present Cuttack. It was then known as 'Abhinaba Varanasi Kataka' and built the fort of Barabati in 1229 A.D. Cuttack has witnessed the rule of several dynasties i.e. the Kesharis, the Gangas, the Gajapatis and the Bhois. In 1568 A.D., the city passed to the hands of Afghan rulers of Bengal, then to the Moghuls in 1592 and the Marathas in 1751. Cuttack came under the British rule in 1803. It became the capital of the newly formed State of Orissa in 1936 and continued to be so till 1948 when the capital was shifted to Bhubaneswar.

Many places to see around.

The ruins of the old Barabati Fort lie on the right bank of the Mahanadi, in the western part of the city. It is about 5kms distance form Badambadi bus stand. Archaeological surveys reveal that the Fort was roughly rectangular in structure having an area of over 102 acres.

The idol of Gadachandi is enshrined in a newly built CUTTACK. Towards the east of the mound stands the Shahi Mosque and to the west of the tank, the mazar of Hazrat Ali Bukhari. Internationally acclaimed Barabati Stadium is adjacent to the ruins of Barabati Fort is the Barabati Stadium with its impressive structure covering an area of about 25 acres. It has a seating capacity of 40 thousand. Towards the southern part of the Fort area stands the modern Jawaharlal Nehru Air-conditioned Indoor Stadium with a seating capacity for 10,000 thousand spectators.Aisa's largest and unique in style Central Rice Research Institute is about 9km from here. The Institute was established in 1946 and has recently completed its 61year of successful completion. Its basic aim is to conduct research on crap development in order to increase overall productivity of rice. It has so far produced morethan 60 high-yielding varieties.

Chandi CUTTACK is about 1.5 km from Barabati fort. The CUTTACK of Goddess Chandi, the presiding deity of the city, to the south of the Barabati area is visited by hundreds of devotees everyday. The image of the deity is older than the CUTTACK. The present Baptist Church or Jubilee Church at Mission Road was constructed in 1872.

Gadagadeswar CUTTACK is about .5km distance form Barabati fort. The CUTTACK of Lord Shiva on the banks of the Mahanadi towards the northern part of the Barabati area is not very old. On the bank of the Mahanadi to the west of the NH-5, Gurudwara Guru Nanak Datan Sahib is one of the oldest gurudwaras of Orissa. It was built in 1935 in memory of Guru Nanak Dev who visited Orissa in 1506 A.D. . Panchamukhi Hanuman CUTTACK is Situated on the bank of the river, Kathajodi. A small CUTTACK established in 1914 has been renovated and modernised. Built by Nawab Ikram Khan in 1689 A.D. on the orders of Aurangzeb Alamgir, the Jami Masjid at Balu Bazar is an Islamic prayer hall.

Spots which redefines cuttack.

Now Municipal corporation of cuttack (CMC) and previously known as cuttack muncipality, constituted in 1876 which is 2nd oldest municipality of Orissa. The majestic red-brick structure, with slim decorative columns on the top . Orissa High Court was constructed in 1948 here in cuttack.

Ravenshaw Autonomous University is one of the premier educational institution of the State . It was established by the British Government in January 1841.

Shailabala Women's College is the oldest Women's College in Bihar and Orissa. Presently known as Shailabala Women's College, started in Ravenshaw Girl's School in 1913.

The southern part of the city was protected from the fury offloods of the Kathajodi by a stone revetment, a great engineering feat of the early eleventh century. It is said that Maharaja Marakata Keshari ordered the construction when Baimundi, a common man from the Bidanasi region made a personal prayer to the King.

Mostly this city has been the centre of social and literary activities of Orissa over the years. This city has groomed several noted dancers, artists , singers and internationally acclaimed persons.

How to reach.

In 1989 the city completed one thousand years of its existence . Although townbuses ply to certain areas, it is not always possible to reach most places by bus. Because of narrow lanes and bylanes and traffic congestion. A cycle-rickshaw and now autorickshaw is a better way of getting around.

Best way to reach cuttack is by road. NH-5 straightly connect this oldest city with the state capital of Orissa Bhubaneswar and with other parts of India.It is about 21 km distance from state capital Bhubaneswar. Regular and round the clock busses are plying to this city. One can reach here by hired vehicle . It is only 1hours journey bu bus and only 45 minutes drive by hired vehicles. Train connection is also here. With the east coast railway this city connect with awaymiles. Nearest Airport is Bijupatnaik Airport, Bhubaneswar


Wide range of accomodation is plentely available in this city for a tourist.


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