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Dist.H.Q. : Jajpur
Sub-Divns. : Panikoili .
Popuplation : 16,22,868
Climate : mixed climate . Hot and dry from march to june first week. Moderate cold from september to february end .
Language : Oriya here is the primary language. But people from Hindi, english and Bengali belt will be comfortable here.
Place of attraction : Jajpur Biraja mandira, Mahavinayak temple at Chandikhole, Buddhist traingle Ratnagiri,Udayagiri & Lalait Giri, Baruneswar Pitha near Jajpur town , chaatia pitha and many more.
Dish : Indian, chinese and continental

Biraja Khetra -Jajpur .

Goddess Biraja resides here.... that is why this place is named after her as holy Biraja Khetra . First capital of Orissa state was Jajpur .So both in traditionally and culturally this place is well rich and creates own identity for years. It is also widely known as holy district of Orissa , because here Dasaswamedha Jajna was held here in ancient times . It is believed that in ancient period this place was a mass congregation place of many saints and piligrims. This was the Sadhana pitha (practising centre) for thousands of saints . Inititation was made for the betterment and peace of the society by these holy souls from right here . This district is also called Vaitarani tirtha , where many historic temples are seen . Among them Biraja temple, Jagannath temple, Chhatiabata temple, Ram Mandir, Siddheswar temple, Baraha temple, Dasaswamedha ghata, Beleswar, Kilateswar, Baruneswar are worthy to note .

Here is the Biraja Temple which was built in 13th century.After the name of Goddess Biraja this place is also known as Biraja Peetha or Biraja Khetra. Unique rituals, amazing traditions and miracles of Goddess Biraja has create a different identity of this places. Here also one will find Sidheswar Temple . It is one of the oldest temples of Jajpur district which is located at a distance of 6 kms from Jajpur town . Here the idol is of lord Sidheswar, which is surrounded by a lot other shrines and temples.

It is believed that taking a deep at Dasaswamedha Ghat can cure all ills and sins of a human being. Besides these places here a lot of place are of tourist attraction here. Here one will find Baraha Temple , Beleswar Temple,Kilateswar Temple,Jagannath Temple,Chatiabata Temple,Baruneswar Temple,Ram Mandir and many more picnic spots to see and move around.

This district has also a dazzling and couregeous history in Indian freedom battle. Many freedom fighter devoted their lives for the shake of mother country . Still history memorises a good numbers of name in this list.

Only rivers and rivers .

Several small , medium and big rivers are flows through this area. River Brahmani, Baitarani, Birupa , Kharasrota, Budhabalanga, Genguti, Nuanai, kelua and many more rivers are flows through this district. Thats why this district is also called as the river district. Often these rivers are become the cause of grievences . But overall by the passage of time these numbers of flowing rivers has turned into lifeline of lakhs of lives.

Many places to see around.

This district has a lot of unique places and scenes to see around . Besides Jajpur Biraja mandira, here Mahavinayak temple at Chandikhole, Buddhist traingle at Ratnagiri, Udayagiri & Lalait Giri, Ratnagiri national museum, Baripala sahid Bhawan near village mirza pur, Kaipada martyr pitha, Baruneswar Pitha near Jajpur town , chaatia pitha and many more places are to see and visit .

Mahavinayak temple: Mahavinayak temple at Cahnadikhole is about 5kms away from NH5 . NH 5 passess through this district, which connect with Kolkata and chennai.Buddhist triangle Ratnagiri, Udayagiri & Lalait Giri and also Ratnagiri national museum are also within 30 to 40 kms distances form Chandikhole .

Baripala:Baripala is simply a weekly market at Bari Block of Jajpur district. But now it has create its own identity , as a unique Sahid Bhawan is constructed here and it becomes a place of attraction. This place is about 34 km distances form Cahndikhole and only 5Kms from Ratnagiri Budhisim site.

Biraja Khetra: This is the Ancient name of its District Headquarter JAJPURTOWN. Jajpur town popularly known as Biraja Khetra, the place sacred to Goddess Biraja, the symbol of Sakti (Power). It’s a small but cute city surrounded by River Baitarani by half circle and a High level Canal at the other half. Jajpurtown is believed to be one time capital of then Kalinga empire.

Chhatia : Chhatia situated at a distance of 25 km from Cuttack and is famous for an unique Jagannath Temple.

Chandikhol : Chandikhol, which is at a distance of 40 km from Cuttack, is an attractive picnic spot with natural springs and sceneries.

Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri & Udayagiri : The three Boudh Vihars are at a distance of 70 km from Cuttack. The famous Buddhist Complex is said to be ancient seat of Puspagiri, the buddhist university of 7th century A.D. Recently a statue of emperor Ashok is being discovered form Langudi hill.
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Industrial Area.

Kalinga Nagar: Kalinga Nagar is situated in Danagadi Block where currently 4 small steel plant is operating and 9 are on their way to start production.

Duburi :Duburi at a distance of 38 kms from Chandikhol towards Daitari mines on Express Highway is going to be one of the most eminent cities in Orissa as a no. of Steel plants have been established here.These are Neelachal Ispat Nigam Ltd., Jindal Stainless., Mesco Steels.,VISA and a few others. Also TATA is going to build a huge plant here.

How to reach.

The district head quarter Panikoili is about 100kms distance from cuttack city and 125 kms distances form state capital Bhubaneswar. NH 5 is well connected to the head quarter of this district . So best way to reach this district is by road. One visitors will definitely enjoy his trip to this district by bus . Private vehicle in cheap expenses is plentily available to visit this district.


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