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Facts About Nandankanan ... .. .
WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM    Once you are here, hou have the unique oppertunity to explore, enjoy and discover .The wild animals you encounter here, will educate, thrill and inspire you.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  Working for excellently, this zoological park has so far recieved ' Pollution Control Award-2003' . Besides several other awards are also added in this list.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  Nandankann Zoological park is open on all days of the week except Monday.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  7.30am to 5.30pm( April-September)/8.00am to 5.00pm(october-march). A number of 38 well trained guide are available here for visitors better guidance.

Nandankanan.... The Biological park


Along the banks of Kanjia lake and amidst thick natural forest , one of the premier large zoos of India , Nandankanan lies. Regarded as an excellent and countrys one of the finest biological park Nandakan is about 15 kms from state capital Bhubaneshwar . It was established on 29th December 1960 amidst natural beauties, but declared as sanctuary on 3rd august 1979.

The zoo covers an area of 3.62 sq kms while Nandankanan sanctuary covers about 4.37 spreads over a large expanse of undulating topography with natural forest, water bodies and other natural features which help the inhabitants of the zoo to live in a habitat close to their natural one. This features also help in making the entire area of Nandankanan more natural and create proper ambience.

Species Present.

Over 110 animals(reptiles, birds and mammals)of 151 species are housed in this zoo. But 98 species of freeliving wild animals including 71 species of birds, 14 species of reptiles and 13 species of mammals are found in this sanctuary.Interestingly the floral diversity of Nandankanan manifests itself in 424 species of plants of 87 families. Morethan 13lakhs (1.3millions) visitors visit Nandankanan annually.In the year 2003-04 number of visitors to this Kanan was 13,37,264 while it was 12,41,080 in 2004-05. But in 2005-06 this number was 13,05,754.



Nandankanan is the first captive breeding centre where Gharials were bred in captivity in 1980.

In 1980 for the first time two normal tigers gave birth to three white tigers cubs, making them the first litter of white tigers born to normal parents 'Deepak' and 'Ganga'.Since then several white tigers were born here and some of them were taken to several other zoos of India and abroad.

In 1967, a wild tigress'Kanan' perhaps the last in the sorrounding forest , jumped on to the then newly constructed moated enclosure of the zoo where a white tiger named pradeep was its lone inhabitant.

Notable Attraction.

A variety of wild animals , particularly the rare endangered species, are the main attraction of this place. White tiger and Lion safari, Reptile park and Aquarium Aviary for aquatic birds, Nature interpretation centre , Boating and Deer park are the mark of notable.

A twenty minute drive through the meandering roads of these safaris in protected vehicles( partucularly these vehicles are environment friendly and operated by battery) takes you straight to the prides of lions and right infront of the majestic tigers. It is first of its kind and spread over na area of 12ha and a lion safari of 20 ha make a visit to the interesting. A Reptile pakr with a life size extinct reptile has a variety of crocodiles , lizards, turtles and snakes. Glittering fishes in aquaria add charm to the visitors of the zoo.

Another site to see worthy is aviary for aquatic birds and their natural activities. But Boating in Kanjia lake on paddle or row boats in the clear blue water is a very exciting and enjoyble experience here.

How to find Nandankanan.


Nandankanan Zoological park is about 2kms away from Barang railway stations, 18kms from Bhubaneswar stations and15kms from cuttack railway stations. The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar Biju patnaik airport which is 25 kms distance. Various other mode of transports are also leads to Nandankanan.

Visiting hours .

7.30am to 5.30pm( April-September)/8.00am to 5.00pm(october-march). A number of 38 well trained guide are available here for visitors better guidance.

Entry fee.

Nandankanan Entry Fee.

Indians : Rs. 5
Foreigners : Rs. 40
School children : Rs. 2
Physically challenged : Free
Children below 3yr : Free
Still photography : Rs. 5
Video photography : Rs. 500
Lion safari : Rs. 15
White tiger safari : Rs. 15
Toy train : Rs. 10
Aerial rope way : Rs. 25
Boating : Rs. 25/50/100

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