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Excellent scenic.....wants you.


No doubt it is blessings of nature. Because nature is it's finest form right here in Orissa .There are planty of scenic spots around the state where life automatically starts singing. Far away from clumsy crowd and busy hectic lifestyle, this atmosphere gives life a new shape. Here white sand of beaches, deep blue water of lakes,amazing and attractive sceneries of waterfalls , hot... hot... springs and many more not only lure the visitors ,all these acts and attracts spontaneously . Visiting Orissa without visiting all these scenic spots implies tour is incomplete. Thats why lakhs of nature lovers spend their time ,holidays in a natural enviornment here in Orissa, which really recharge their sprit . There are several natural beauties in Orissa , where a tourist can spend hours all alone or with the family and friends.


Orissa has a number of sparkling lakes both natural and artificial.Some of them are are saltwatered while other are fresh watered.The artificial lakes are water resorvoires. So the deep blue water of lakes, scenic around, local lifestyle , dancing of the water creatures and adventure trip into the lake camps crazy for any visitors .

Chilka lake .


Situated on the south part mouth of the river Mahanadi , Chilka Lake is a paragon of nature's beauty. It is the largest coastal lake in India. The lake was formed due to the silting action of the river Mahanadi , which drains into the northern end of the lake and the northerly currents in the Bay of Bengal . The lagoon is a unique assemblage of marine, brackish and fresh water eco-system . It is one of the hot spots of biodiversity and shelters a number of endangered species . It is an avian grandeur and the wintering ground for more than one million migratory birds. The water spread area of the Lagoon varies between 1165 to 906 during the monsoon and summer respectively. A 32 km long, narrow, outer channel connects the lagoon to the Bay of Bengal, near the village Motto. The finest time to visit chilika lake is during winter.Touring the lake with traditional design boat is really an unique experience for anyone visit here .

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Finest Ansupa .

Ansupa is a horse shoe shaped fresh watered lake. Just opposite of Banki it is on the left bank of river Mahanadi . Presently the lake is only 5Km long and only 1.6 Km wide . The lake stands at the foot of the Saranda hills. This an attractive tourist spot and is situated at about a distance of 35 Km from state capital Bhubaneswar.



Kanjia is a tiny fresh watered lake . Measuring about 45 hectares this lake lies to the south of Baranga in the Chandaka area of district Khurda . By flat hillocks it is hemmed in on three sides . A slope is only to the east. The Nandankanan Biological park is located on the southern hillock ; while the botanical garden is located on the northen hillock. This lake is a patt of Nandankanan zoological park. Boating facilities are available in the lake.


The Sar lake measuring 810 hectares and the Samang wetland comprising of 300 hectares are two adjacent brackish water masses laying to the north-east of puri town. Feel the real experience to visit this unique place.


Not only from India, the white sand beaches of Orissa lures tourists abroad also .The finest and soft white sand of Orissa beaches fringed by surging sea water that constantly changes colours.The sunrise and sunset on the orissa from beaches are just marvolous sights for anyone.

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Talasari Beach .

About 88kms distance from Balasore town and 8kms form digha in West Bengal , the Talasari beach is nodoubt a finest beach.It is famous for its natural scenery and has been treated as family beaches .

Pati-Sonapur Beach .

This Pati-Sonapur beach is about 4kms distances form Berhampur town and 35kms distance from Gopalpur-on-sea.

Daming Dams .


Not only lake lures or beaches attracts. Amazing dams and several irrigation project of Orissa also very excellent scenic spots . Dam Hirakud, Dandadhar, Rengali, Indravati, Kolab and upper jonk are fes of them.


On the river Mahanadi, Hirakud dam is sorrounded by hills on either side and barreged by dam below.It covers an area of 746 sq.kms and the shoreline is 640kms. One can drive along the dyke and also have panaromic view from the water tower.

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Dandadhar .

Irrigatin project, but lures more and more.Dandadhar is the sight of an irregation project on river Ramial.The place is 65 Kms from Dhenkanal and 35 Kms from Kamakshya nagar.



It is 92 Kms from Anugul town. At Rengali the river Brahmani is checked by a dam leaving the creation of a reservoir.


Kolab is only 15 Kms from Koraput. River Kolab makes a spectacular jump at Bagra to a reservoir called Upper Kolab irrigation project.

Indravati .

Originating place is near Thuamul-Raampur . But the river Indarvati makes its winding course through dense forests and sun kissing vally all the way .At katiguda 20 Kms from Nawarangapur a dam is constructed, named Indravati. Here a vast expense of blue waters guarded by green capped soaring hills . Sit of Indravati dam is very delightful and a lifetime memory for all the visitors.

Sorada Gahi .

At a distance of 80kms form Berhampur town near Sorada, the planned reservoir is called Sorada Ghai. It is an irrigation project and also a scenic places incredible.

Upper jonk.


This project is just about 16kms distance from Nuapara town. It is a scenic spot and provides an asylum to aquatic fauna. Engrilled on all sides by green land hills it creates a unique scenery naturally.


Waterfalls are springs. Rather than gushing up and flowing down, these waterfalls descend abruptly down the steep crags.


Amidst thick forest of Sundergarh, the Khandadhar waterfall is located.Considered as the highest waterfall of the state, its height is about 800 meters.This spot is about 14kms distance form Rourkela.

Bada Ghagara and Sana Ghagara .

On the river Ghagara Bada Ghagara waterfall is located . This river Ghagar is regarded as tributary to the river Baitarani. Its height is about 60meters and it is about 10kms from keonjhar. Similarly another waterfall Sana ghagara is located at a distance of 5kms form keonjhar and its height is about 30mtrs . These two falls are regarded as most famous scenic spots in and around.

Gonasika .

At a distance of 50kms form keonjhar , another pretty spot is Gonasika .Here the river Baitarani goes undergorund and jumps out further down over a stone projection.

Phurli Jharan and Pradhan pata .

The height of this waterfall is 15 meters.It is situated a a distance of 15kms form Bhawanipatna town. But the Pradhan pata waterfall is close to Deogarh. It is 96kms from Sambalpur.

Barheipani .

In the Meghasan mountain of Mayurbhanj district, Barheipani waterfal is on the river Budhabalanga.


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