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Orissa At A Glance.


17°.49' and 22°.34' North latitude,81°.29' and 87°.29' Eastlongitude on Eastern cost India. Area:-155,707 sq km; Capital:-Bhubaneswar; Population:-36,906,920; Male:-18,712,550;female:-18,194580;Growth Rate(percent):-1991-2001:15.94;Density(person/sqkm):-236;Sex Ratio(female/1000 male):-972; Urban Population:-14.97%; Literacy:-63.61%; male:-75.95%; Female:-50.97%. There are 30 districts which are part of the administrative unit of the State , with Collecter as head.


Orissa lies on the east cost of India .It is surrounded by Jharkhanda on the north,Andhrapradesh on south-east, Madhya Pradesh on the west and Bay of Bengal on the east.The state is drained by three grate rivers,the Mahanadi,the Brahmani and the Baitarani.

The biggest and most famous lake in the Orissa is Chilka lake .It is about 64 km long and 16-20 km wide. There are three beautiful islands in the lake named Parikuda, Maluda and Kalijai.


Native language is Oriya,a Regional language of India.But the travel trade and hotel Industry people can understand and fluently speak English,Hindi and Bengali as well.


Here currancy is Indian Rupee(100 Paise equivalent to One Rupee).


Tropical:-Max.Temperature=43 Degree C(Summer) ,Min Temperature= 7Degree C(Winter) || Average Rainfall = 155cm.


Summer:-March to June || Rain:-July to Septmber || Winter:-October to February. Every season has it own charm in Orissa and the state is suitable to visit round the year. But best season is from Septmber to March.

Contemporary Orissa .


A bout 500 km long stretched beaches ....hundreds of nature gifted serpentine amazing river , splendid waterfalls , thick and thin forest, sky touching and cloud clad blue hills with rich wild life is the really identity of modern Orissa.Not Only confined in this arena, the state is also enriched with footprint of marvellous oriyan craftmanship ,extremely tradional dance, music and art, culture. Stands for its ancient glory with modern endeavour and situated on the coast along the Bay of Bengal ancient kalinga or present Orissa is dotted with exquisite temples, historic monuments as well as pieces of modern engineering feats.

Even facing all odds of the cruel time, Orissa able to retain its pristine glory . it offers all of its beloved visitors lush greeny countryside , fertile plains, tiny hamlets fringed with palm, coconut trees and mango groves which offer the charm of excellent rural beauties. At the sametime it moves hand in hand with technology in almost every field. This wonderful land has fascinating beauty boasts of colourful festivals round the year.

Orissa is also the land of unique handicrafts . It has a long tradition of art and architecture. The rest part of Ashokan pillar, konark chakra and several enshrined architecture built at various ancient monumentas and temples itself clearly speak volumes of Orissa's past glory. Besides Rock-cut caves of Khandagiri and Udaygiri, inscriptions recording Kharavela's short but eventful reign during the first century B.C. are constitutes the second phase of the evolution in Orissan art. The Naga and Yaksha images found in places around Bhubaneswar belong to the post-Kharavela era. The fortification of Sisupalgarh near Bhubaneswar is yet another monument of ancient Orissa.

Orissa is also famous worldwide for her matchless and softwork handicrafts. Silver filigree work of Cuttack, horn work of Cuttack and Parlakhemundi and the famous applique work of Pipili deserve special mention. Pattachitra, a form of folk painting of Orissa, is a unique craft. Brass and bell metalware, particularly vases and candle stands, are beautiful and longlasting.The blackstone bowls and plates of Nilagiri and Khiching and multi-coloured stone statues are other attractions. Silk and cotton handloom products, especially saris from ganjam and sambalpur, are simply bewitching. The Sambalpuri saris and Maniabandhi patas are matchless in their texture and designs.

History defines.


S pannig over some thousands year old time,Orissa has its own glorious history . Widely known as Kalinga in ancient time it controlled most of the sea routes in the Bay of Bengal. History turns its back and famous Kalinga war , led by emperor Asoka in the year of 261BC, turns the state to be enriched with culture, tradition and life style. Buddhism was spread all over Asia form this holy places.

In the second century BC, Kalinga flourished as a powerful kingdom under king Kharavela who built the superb monastic caves at Udayagiri and Khandagiri. Subsequently, this kingdom was ruled under various monarchs Samudragupta, Sasanka and others. It also was a part of king Harsha's huge empire. In the year 795 AD, the king jajati united the kingdom Kalinga into a single empire. He was the founder of famous lord Jagannath temple at Puri and ruler Narasimha Dev built the magnificent sun temple in Konark which took atleast 12 long years for completion.

During the dark ages of Indian civilization, Orissa was ruled by a succession of Muslim rulers. It was later annexed by emperor Akbar and became part of the Mughal empire. After fall of the Mughal empire, the Marathas invaded this land and continued to rule until 1803 AD . This year despite of strong opposition from kalinga Yodhas, Orissa fell prey to the barbaric British rulers. Modern Orissa was carved out of Bihar in 1936 and became swatantra Orissa.


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