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Facts About Similpal ... .. .
WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM    Spread over an area of 2,750 sq. kms out of which 303 sq. km form the core area.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  This tiger reserve have sofar more than 95 Royal Bengal tigers

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  Besides Leopards, elephants, mugger crocodiles and numerous reptiles are also here.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  Similipal remains open from 1st november to 15th june every year.

Similipal Tiger Reserve Sanctuary.....dreamland of wonder nature


Thick greeny forest, extensive grassy lands, sparkling waterfalls around , meandering rivers, cloud kissing peaks, roaring tigers with fleeing deers , flying squirrels , talking myna, dancing peacocks , all are makes Similipal a dreamland of nature.Spread over an area of 2,750 sq. kms out of which 303 sq. km form the core area, Similipal Reserve forest is one of the wellknown tiger projects and national parks of India. Meant for conserving countrys depliting tiger population, this tiger reserve have sofar more than 95 Royal Bengal tigers .

Besides Leopards, elephants, mugger crocodiles and numerous reptiles are also here. Besides that Over 230 species of birds flock the forest and waterways in the park.With wide range of rain falls ,this forest is suitable for different species of flora and fauna . About 1076 species of plants, 87 varities of orchids, 42species of mamals, 29types of reptiles and 231 species of birds are the proud prosession of this plateau.

Several rivers like Budhabalanga, Khairi, Salandi, Palpala, originate from the hills and meander through the hills. Here the panoramic view of the waterfalls at Barehipani (400meters) and Joranda(150meters)are simply enchanting.Mahaseer, a typical variety of fish is found in the abundance in most of the rivers.Dense forests and riverine system serve as an excellent home to some of the most beautiful creatures of the world. To stay with them is really a thrilling experience. Herds of elephants majestically walking across the roads and the rivulets could be a regular sight. Besides for visitors , crocodile rearing centre at Ramtirtha near jashipur is an additional attraction.

Entry points and timings.


-- You can enter into Similipal through Pithabata which is about 22km from Baripada Or through Jashipur shich is about 94 km from Baripada. -- Entry permits can be obtained from the range officer , Pithabata checkgate or the assitant conservator of forests at Jashipur on payment of prescribed fees. -- Day visitiors can be enter between 6am and 12noon and visitors rservation between 6am and 2pm.

Approach to Similipal.

By road.

Baripada, the district headquarters of --Mayurbhanj, on the junction of NH 5 and 6 is about 270 km from state capital Bhubaneswar and 240 km from kolkata. It is about 60 km by road from Balasore.There is two entry point to Similipal. One is Pithabata and other is Jashipur. Both the places are well connected by regular bus services and for hire taxis and jeeps like vehicles are also available.

By rail .

Nearest railhead is Balasore which is about 60km from Baripada town.

By air.


Nearest airports are Bhubaneswar (270km) and Kolkata (240km).

Accomodation & Places around.

--Here for visitors Orissa tourism units and forest Bungalows are available . Privat hotels are also available at Baipada and Jashipur. Besides Similipal reserve Sanctuary one can visit around . At a distance of 149 km from Baripada town, Khiching is famous for the shrine Kichakeswari and stone crafts.One can visit Chandipur which is about 60km from Baripada town and 16km from Balasore. Panoramic place on the lap of Nilagiri hills is called panchalingeswara which is about a distance of 85 km form Baripada and 30km from Balasore.Remuna and Deokund is also another two tourist spots worthy to visit.


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