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Facts About The Suntemple Konark ... .. .
WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM   Konark Sun temple ...One of the 8th Wonder of the World.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  1200 workers effort,12 Yrs for completion & 12Yrs Revenue Spends over.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  Amazing ! 12Yrs kid Dharmapada set up the crown of the temple.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  Buddhist sculptures from this state museum have also got its own identity in different world class museum like china, Belgium etc. 

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  History says the 24 wheels signifies 24 hours of a day and the 8 spokes signifies prahars three hour period of a day.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  Konark Wheel is used in Government of India official symbol and in some currency notes of Indian rupees.

WWW.AMAZINGORISSA.COM  Places near by Konark are  chandrabhaga , Ramchandi,Puri etc 

Sun Temple Konark.....The amazing oriyan craftmanship


Widely known as Sun temple and one of the strange monument of the world , it was built by ruler Narasimha dev-I in AD 1200, what history says. Chariot Shaped and driven by seven horses on a 12 pair of wheels is the uniqueness of this monument. Almost all part of the walls of the temple contain superb carving of divine, human and animal figures amidst floral and geometric ornamentation by ancient artisan of orissa . Gone are the days... only the main entrance hall , known as Mukhasala , is the only remains of the temple as a testimony to the glorious craftsmanship of Orissa which height is about is 46 m.

A pair of war elephant at the entrance.

Well designed top platform with three planned and designed sections allows sun rays to fall straight into is this nata mandap.And it is the really uniqueness of this mandap. History says it was designed only keeping in mind the position of sunrays . Nodout it attracts all type of visitors. Well trained guides are at the stretch of hand who are available for a visitors help only . Language is nobar for them, because they are well spoken in local language Oriya with English, Hindi, Bengali and several other Indian languages also.

Konark Wheels.


Built like a chariot, the wheels of the Konark chariot has a lot of engraved art work around its axis and peripheries. About 24 wheels attached to the temple and 9 feet 9 inches in diameter with 8 spokes. All are stone wheels and full with engraved art works. Out of 24 wheels 6 are in either side of the main temple, 4 wheels are on each side of the Mukhasala and 2 wheels on each side of steps at eastern front the temple. History says the 24 wheels signifies 24 hours of a day and the 8 spokes signifies prahars three hour period of a day. Konark Wheel is used in Government of India official symbol and in some currency notes of Indian rupees. Now the replica of Konark Wheel is available in Stone, silver and wood are having good demand in market.

Charges on visitors .

A visitors can move around in the temple complex from sunrise to sunset . Entrance fee is Rs 10 for tourists of inland and US $5 for foreign tourists. Entry is free for children below the age of 10 years. A visitors can carry a normal still camera free of cost inside the premises . But Rupees 25 is charged for carrying a video camera inside the complex for a day. Important thig is that there is restriction of climbing upon sculpturesand architectural part for photographs or any other reasons is strictly restircted. As it is an open complex , visitors are advised to plan their trip inside the temple premises of their own interest . You can move around under the sunshine or can use umbrella, cap, hat if required. For visitors well designed umbrellas are availablae for rent at the entrance of the temple. Bay of bengal sea beach is at a distance of about 2.7 Km from Sun temple towards Puri.

Connectivity and Boarding at Konark.


The temple of konark is located at a distance of about 62 Km from state capital Bhubaneswar.One can fly to Bhubaneswar from Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Vizag, Nagpur, Mumbai or Hyderabad. Or catch a superfast train from Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Triruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Cochin or Guwahati. Inter-state tourist bus services are also avelable .Then Connectivity form state capital Bhubaneswar to konark is verywell by road. Shortly it is turning into four lanes. It is not compulsory for a visitors to stay at konark for moving around. One can stay at any place of Bhubaneswar, Puri and also Konark and can easily arrange trips to konark. Usually visitors starts journey from Bhubaneswar and covers konark and Puri in a whole day. But if you don't want to stay in crowded places like Puri or Bhubaneswar, then Konark is the best place for your choice only. There is a Panthanivas , i.e. OTDC chain of Hotels , just in front of Sun temple. Rates are AC room Rs 450 .Non AC room Rs 200 and Non AC Family room Rs 350 are available. Orissa tourism department maintains a Yatri nivas which charges are AC room Rs 650, Non AC Rs 350 . But it depends on a visitors chice to where to stay. Because there is also plenty of privte accomodation facilities are available there .

Spots around konark.

If you are visiting sun temple konark then do visit chandrabhaga , Ramchandi,Puri and several other local tourist places that is around konark. Definitely it will be a pleasant visit.


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